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Just to make sure we are on the right page – confirmation is not affirmation – both start and end at different purposes.

This morning I will share my testimony as part of Father’s Day.  My Dad played a huge role in my life, in who I am, because he pushed me towards Jesus, I had no other friend to walk with me through those days.

Jesus and I talked about everything, anything and He knew my heart – I gave it all.  Together we planned and executed a number of wonderful things.

When I became married and my wife became a very important part of my life, there was an incredible struggle with looking to her for confirmation on decisions and at times looking to her too much to confirm decisions that I knew we needed to taken care of.  For a few years it seemed that nothing went right and we were looking more to our emotions for confirmation instead of to God.

So we do things a bit different, still not perfect, but different.  We believe that if God directs one of us, He will confirm it to the other.  Yes, it does sound easy but it is terribly difficult because we are human.

When I decided to join SAT-7 Canada, my wife was in total disagreement – if you did a list with pros and cons, there would be nothing on the pro side other than my knowledge that this is where God wanted to take me.  My wife was never going to be listen to this move – it violated everything about her sense and need for security.  I actually went ahead without her blessing – the first time in 28 years.

I am blessed that the confirmations keep coming in though – the best one at the time of my resignation with the President who then called me back and shared how the Board wanted to bless me by paying for the education of my two children.  My wife broke down and cried so hard – she loved being loved by God and all was well.

Confirmations are important.  Being a lone wolf can be depressing and you need another to come along side to give confirmation to what God is doing, saying, or wanting from you.  Our emotions just get in the way sometimes – a confirmation gives strength to do what God would have us do.


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2 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. andydbrown on said:

    I think a lot of us can relate to this “it seemed that nothing went right and we were looking more to our emotions for confirmation instead of to God”. Thanks for sharing part of your testimony here with us. Confirmations (sometimes just from the Word of God or in prayer can be enough) are extremely important. Amen and Amen!

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