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Power Encounters

Even when the miraculous happens in our lives, there are those, who having seeing the power of God evident and real, will try to rise up against Him and fight Him.  What happens when we come up against these “powers” that wish to take on the things of God?

Jesus is Lord” means more than that He is Lord of the individual convert’s world view, standards and relationships, and more even that He is  Lord of culture.  It means that He is Lord of the powers, having been exalted by the Father to universal sovereignty; principalities and powers having been made subject to Him – who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, with angels, authorities, and powers having been subjected to him.
Those from Asia, Africa and Latin America have spoken both of the reality of evil powers and the necessity to demonstrate the supremacy of Jesus over them more so than our North American and European Church family.
For conversion itself involves a power encounter.

People give their allegiance to Christ when they see that His power is superior to magic and voodoo, the curse and blessings of witch doctors, and the malevolence of evil spirits, and that His salvation is a real liberation from the power of evil and death.

Some are questioning today whether a belief in spirits is compatible with our modern scientific understanding of the universe.
I wish to affirm, against the mechanistic myth on which the typical Western world view rests, the reality of demonic intelligences which are concerned by all means, overt and covert, to discredit Jesus Christ and keep people from coming to Him.

It is vital in evangelism to all cultures to teach the reality and hostility of demonic powers, and to proclaim that God has exalted powers,  and to proclaim that God has exalted Christ as Lord of all and that Christ, who really does possess all power, however we may fail to acknowledge this, can (as we proclaim Him) break through any worldview in any mind to make His lordship known and bring about a radical change of heart and outlook.

I want to emphasize that the power belongs to Christ. Power in human hands is always dangerous
Recurring theme in Paul’s two letters to the Corinthians – God’s power, which is clearly seen in the cross of Christ, operates through human weakness. Worldly people worship power; Christians who have it know its perils
It is better to be weak, for then we are strong. We honour the Christian martyrs of recent days who have renounced the way of power,
and followed the way of the cross.  Love the stories from SAT-7 where the “would-be” martyr has also been saved by God’s amazing right hand saying, “no, not today.”
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