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Is there not a follower of Jesus here?

When your life really counts on it, you want to make sure that the advice you are receiving, or the partner you engage with business in, or the person you are considering to spend the rest of your life with in marriage, is someone who really wants to follow Jesus.

Being a youth pastor for a few years, I saw, in the lives of our church family, how easy it was to slide into a manner of worship that would betray the most godly of people.  They took on the form of godliness, praised by those around them, yet declared untruth whenever they presented.  There were others who would rather hear a presenter from Yale or Harvard on a certain topic – lets say leadership – then to hear what the Word of God had to say about it.  Others would minimize or lower their scale of expectations as to how they conducted themselves – a little pornography, lying, cheating, stealing, drinking – that’s all okay.  Using a language that is becoming more and more acceptable as part of every day conversation – like the “c” or the “s” words and most times connected with the word “holy” – words which should cause us to cringe has become the norm.

We have become ashamed of our Jesus and fail to take Him with us “everywhere we go” and at most times have no regard for Him whatsoever.

Then when life matters, when there is nothing else you can do, when the chips are down and you need answers, there is one person you will be looking for.

Where is the one who takes Jesus with them wherever they go?  The one who declares their love and shows reverence for the Word of God, follow it, obey it and try to bring it into their lives and their community.  The person who doesn’t mimic the truth, but embraces it and has their spiritual senses sharpened and ready for action.

You would rather have one of them then hundreds of your friends that you have surrounded yourself with.  Those same friends are now giving you a hard time for even engaging with such a follower of Jesus.  They are telling you that this person that you have turned to is really rude and foolish, trying to get you to do something that will advance their own interests and ultimately, to deceive you.

Yet, you are no longer listening to them.  You have need of a real follower of Jesus.  You have found one.  You will not let them go until you have become such a follower of Jesus too.


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7 thoughts on “Is there not a follower of Jesus here?

  1. Hey! I’m one of those guys! lol! J/k!

  2. Brother, thank you for this post. It is so true and speaks from the heart! I would gladly walk the journey by your side. It is such a blessing to find a true brother in Christ! When God drops them in your path it is a time to rejoice and never let them go.
    I pray you contine to proclaim the truth and joy of his Love!

  3. Thanks good friend! You are an inspiration. Let us be a people faithful to our Lord! God bless.

  4. Thank you and amen to our call to be faithful!

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