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Is it true that there is no God?

I mean, the latest polls suggest that they do, however, who is God?

There was a day I walked into Covenant House for an interview with the head Sister.  Conversation was going well until I pointed out the verse that is carved above the door that exists the room – “be still and know that I am God.”  I asked her how she is able to relate God to people who were in depths of despair and how would this verse relate to them?  She quickly pointed out that “God” did not have a specific meaning, just a notion.  God could be whatever the individual wanted him to be, but most likely it would not be the God of the Bible.

Another gentleman I meet with, periodically, indicated that there cannot be a God because of all the evil in the world.  He understood that there has to be an Ultimate Supreme Being involved with us, but refrained to call that God.

Islam is on the rise by sheer population explosion and bring with them a new name, but then again, its a resurrection of an old name – Allah.  Centuries before Mohammed, Christians in the Arabic Penisula used the word Allah to denote God.  Europeans stole the word “Got” from the druids and eventually we have come to describe God in its current spelling.

I myself, at the wise age of fourteen, declared there was no God because I asked Him to reveal Himself to me and He did not.  Minutes later, when I was giving Him one more chance, I had the most unique and personal message from Him that has given me incredible confidence in how I live my life for Him.

The Psalmist has a description for those who say there is no God – but what about those that do and yet act like there isn’t one.

I have a friend who really has made a point in her life to know God.  She was a single mother, raised two daughters and had a strong relationship with God.  A couple of moves and a quite a few years later, I heard through her daughter that she was seeing a fortune teller in the hopes of getting a glimplse of what the future would hold.  I was blown away by that because is it true that there is no God that she needs to connect with a fortune teller?

Let me insert my own story at 14 years of age – contemplated killing myself – pulled a chair to the balcony of the apartment we were living in, stood up, looked down from 14 floors and determined this would do the trick.  All this happening in seconds – I look out contemplating – God speaks.  “You wake up every morning with Me, what do you tell the world every morning, those that do not know Me, when you end your life even though I am with you? If I am with you, what do you have to fear, and if I created you, then you know that I have called you – come.”  I looked to suicide before I looked to Jesus and He caught me with His grace.

What is so amazing about God is that He is very personal.  When we ask Him to be part of our lives, He comes in and takes us up on our offer.  He actually takes up residency within us.  What other “god” out there does that – other than a demonic spirit?

May we not find ourselves rejecting the life-giving God, rejecting Him for a lie or some other commitment that costs us nothing, and may we declare that there is only one God – may our journey with Him, reveal Him day by day and may we only go to Him for all of our needs and wants.

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6 thoughts on “Is it true that there is no God?

  1. Personal and powerful. Thank you for writing this.

  2. One of the things I struggled with for over a year was my cousin committing suicide in 2009. He was from Japan and had visited my family for a summer earlier coming to church with us because he had to. During that time he rejected God and refused to hear anything about this wonderful Jesus. It would break my heart every time thinking about the fact that I have this God as my own and was supposed to be a light but my own cousin killed himself (actually exactly as you were going to do- jumped off a building). Then one day God held me close as I was sobbing and told me it was his choice. You chose that day between holding on to Jesus or to holding on to despair and you made the right choice. What a mighty God we serve that He is mindful of us and visits us (as said so well in one of my favorite psalms)!! 🙂

  3. there it is – the sweetness of trutsting Jesus is an amazing experience – thank you for sharing that with me.

  4. Glad you are here.

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