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Will you help me fight?

What a great request and for someone like me with a rescuer mentality, the answer is usually yes.

I am getting better in determining “how”  I will participate in a fight only because “how” one fights determines much of the outcome.  So much time and energy can be wasted if not fought correctly.

Helping another with their fight is an automatic encourager.  It tells the one the who asks that they matter.

Lately, I have been reading many stories of people fighting.  The ones who are winning are the ones who are asking for help in their fight to save their lives.  One story in particular – a lady fighting for her marriage went out of the home for a moment to pray.  She had prayed other times too, but this time, as she looked up at a starry host in the night sky, she connected with God, gave up the fight and gave it to Him to finish it.  Amazing things have been happening since then – love that!  Why?  She shared her story and I know I pray and I am sure many others did and together we fought through for her, God heard our prayers and how much we cared and answered it with a strong and visible result.

We all feel sorry for ourselves because of our predicament.  If we can take that feeling and turn it into one action – ask for help – then we are not alone.  If we together turn to God and ask for His help, we have engaged a God who truly cares and loves to rescue.

Even if you have said yes to helping in a fight and failed to engage God at any time in the process, it is never too late.  God can be engaged at anytime – so don’t worry about Him – He is there, just ask Him.

You may think that you do not have to ask – it should just come from people who already know of your dire situation.  Understand that even good people neglect doing what they should be doing until they called to action.

My favorite story though is where those who have decided not to follow Jesus make sure they stick very close to the ones that have.  They somehow know that they are better for the relationship and friendship of someone who knows God.  When a fight is necessary, having God on your side is a pretty awesome thought.  Many have turned to Jesus as a result of such friendships.  They will realize the confidence of those who know God because to us, we know we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

So we engage confidently, doing the “what” and “how” of God’s battle plan and looking forward to Him engaging in the battle, winning the fight and glorifying His name to our world.  Do not turn down that wonderful opportunity.

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