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I was reading a bit of Elisha today and had some incredible examples of what its like to be a leader in my world – in fact, we are so amazed with what Jesus had done and have failed to realize that they have already been done by Old Testament prophets – nothing is new under the sun.

All that is required are followers of Christ who are willing to lead.

There was a young boy who died – the disciple of Elisha could not pray him back to like, Elisha had to go and the result was a resurrection from the dead – Jesus had done a few of these.

There was some food that had become poisonous and was served to some of Elisha’s friends.  He put some flour into the soup and all was well and the men did not die.  Sounds like the promise Jesus gave us – if we have unknowingly take something deadly into our being, it will not harm us.

Then there was the gentile officer who heard a healing could be obtained from Elisha for his leprosy.  Sounds like the centurion who met Jesus looking for healing for his son.  Since I work for SAT-7, I like this one best because it’s the first instance I have seen for contextualization in the Bible.

Unfortunately, I also read of greed among followers of Elisha and was reminded of the same of Judas and was saddened by that outcome and yet warned to stay pure and only keep my eyes on Jesus.

It was a great day of encouragement today to be what God has called me to be and do what He has already gifted me to do – glorify Him in everything.


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2 thoughts on “Examples

  1. Wow, it is totally awesome that you work for Sat-7. We need more stuff like this. I really enjoyed your post today.

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