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Right, yet still wrong

It is not so bad being right or wrong, it’s more about being wrong and thinking you are right.

An embarrassing situation to be in that is for sure.

Happens to the best of us – I hear it in the arrogant prayers of those who think they have God in their back pocket, I hear it in my own voice as my children were growing up, I hear it in the politician’s voice, I read it in my daily newspaper and thankfully, our family has found a church home were this is heard much less frequently from the pulpit.

Charles Wesley thought this happened so often that he wrote a poem about it ridiculing the conduct of those who, without any disposition to ordination, think they have authority from God to dispense all the ordinances of the Church.

“But now the warm enthusiast cries,

The office to myself I take;

Offering the Christian sacrifice,

Myself a lawful priest I make:

To me this honor appertains,

No need of man when God ordains.

[Some go into the contrary extreme, and in effect say, no need of God when Man ordains.]

Though kings may not so far presume,

‘Tis no presumption in a clown,

And, lo, without a call from Rome,

My flail or hammer I lay down;

And if my order’s name ye seek,

Come, see a new Melchisedek!

Ye upstart (men-made) priests, your sentence know,

The marks you can no longer hide;

Your daring deeds too plainly show

The loathsome leprosy of pride;

And if ye still your crime deny,

Who lepers live shall lepers die.”

Even so, being right and yet so wrong, God spares us, uses us, guides and leads us as we lead others.  His grace knows no bounds, even so, may we still strive to serve Him without the leprosy of pride.


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