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Secretly doing things that are wrong

Just reading the title and my secret sin pops out at me, mocking me.

Ruin coming across our path always seems to stem from some public sin, but it is possible to assume that all public sins started off as a secret sin.

It is the condoning of the secret sin that turns into evil and idolatry and the secret sin is always worse than the public sin.  They are the ones we don’t want others to know about because they are embarrassing or incriminating.

Even though our head tells us that the sin done in private is not a secret to God and that they have the same terrible results as sins committed in the open, we are somehow fooled that no one is getting hurt.

Most of us keep our secret sins hidden and covered in the form of our worship so that the natural eye cannot determine that there even is something we are hiding from our closest companions.

Of course, just our thinking of these things determine our real belief system.  We do not believe that God is omniscient, that He cannot see, that He has taken a journey and is away from the things that matter on earth for a short time period.  We come up with whatever rationalizing thought possible in order to do what we want to do – the atheist within us taking over our hearts where we rule until such a time we see fit and necessary to revert back to putting God back on the throne of our lives.   The worst of us even able to quote scripture to justify this sort of abandonment.



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3 thoughts on “Secretly doing things that are wrong

  1. It’s always nice to see real people reduced to a convenient plot point in someone else’s mythology.

    • its one perspective one can take – a bit too pessimistic for my liking. Real people are always reduced to something, but in the first person, that rarely happens, especially when it comes to mythology.

  2. Well said, Thanks

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