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Seek guidance from God = Success

We all need someone in our lives who can instruct us in the “fearing” of God.

I believe we live in the days where we all need a tutor who understands the mind of God and can instruct us to see Him in many more ways than we can imagine.

It’s true isn’t it – being a Christian is quite the easiest of all things to do, but being a follower of Christ is incredibly difficult.  Lately I have been hearing about the athletes that have decided to abstain from premarital sexual relationships and they say that this commitment is harder to do than the day-to-day regimes they face in preparing for their sport.  I think the same goes with drinking alcoholic beverages.

Life does not start with what we do not do, nor are we defined by what we do not do – it is in the decision to seek God alone, first, our priority, that brings us forward and enables to be successful.

It is the knowing Him, the following Him, the worship of Him,  and the understanding of who He is and why His directions are so important to follow.

Let’s face it, God never forsakes any who seek Him, and therefore we are the cause of our own destruction.

He will never suffer any to seek His face in vain.


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Decide to repair and recondition

There is a more popular word used these days – renewal.

How does one come to the place where they see the need, or have the desire, or realize that it time to seek some sort of action in this direction?

Normally we are given some motivational speech by our minister, or small group leader and for some of our older friends in the church, our Sunday School teacher.

What if the call came from the Holy Spirit himself?

What if He pointed out some things and called you on them – encouraging you to grow past them, see what the world looks like on the other side of the fence when you are walking closer to the walk that God has called you too.

It can’t be done until you straighten some things out.  It might be a change in how we read our Bible, how we pray, the time we give to exercise, obedience, practicing the fruits of the Spirit and declining, staying away from, leaving behind the things that put us askew, leaving us feeling off track.

Journaling might help, an alarm clock could be necessary, changing the amount of time we sleep, or work, or play might work – whatever it takes to shake off the dust and rust in our spiritual lives and get tuned up.

For each of us its different.  My theme this year is in the title of this blog.  My call was to take the leadership that God entitled me to take.  I have been practicing all year trying to make sure I lead and was a model for those who followed.  I made sure to find other leaders who I could follow, others who had accepted God’s call to lead.

That lead me to try “praying always,” reading my Bible every morning, journaling, taking courses on missions, and sharing with everyone I meet during the day some significant point I learned.  By sharing, I do not mean preaching, but inserting my learning into a story, a prayer, a thought, a blessing towards someone else.

I think though that if we do not decide that such a refurbishment is necessary, it might not happen.

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We are just branches

Branches do not brag.

They do not because they can be broken, other branches can be spliced into your branch – if we are important, it is because we are now a part of God‘s tree.

But the temptation to think that we are so good, to be received by God, called as one of His own – let’s not mess with that temptation – it’s called being proud when we should be humble and grateful – can I also say careful, for if the branches that existed before your time are no longer there or were broken and God did not spare them, I am sure He will not spare us either.

I say that because it is good to keep in mind that God is both kind and severe.  He is very hard on those who disobey, but very good to us if we continue to love and trust Him.

To me it is amazing that God choose to take my branch from a wild tree and graft me into His tree.  So what have I done to earn that right?  So why should I feel superior.  I am nourished by the root, nothing else will sustain me.

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There are some good things

No matter how hard you fall, how hard you fail, always remember there are some good things about you and that trying and to keep on trying, matters.

Think about the principles of grace, righteousness, and holiness, faith, love, passion, and other blessings, true and genuine, from where you have the strength to even try to do the things God has asked you to do.

Your life already resembles a lot of changes, you have changed direction, removed what needed to be removed so that your worship is true, left those things behind that hindered you from following Jesus and maybe even destroyed a few things to make sure they had no chance of ever being in your life again.

Even with some good things, the adventure begins.  I prepare my heart to seek God; through the grace of God my heart is disposed to serve and worship the Lord, and to seek His honour and glory.

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The Lord is with us

That is an important thing to know.  For if He is with us, we are changed people, leaders extraordinaire.

The ony way that He is with us is if we are with Him, following in His footsteps, not placing anything else a priority in our lives other than Him.

Some call that obedience.

Amazing things happen when the Lord is with us – people will follow us, we will prosper in many areas of our lives, we will be bold in our faith even to the point of standing up to those who are abusing the faith.

I believe it is our responsibility to share the Lord with others – most today have not rejected Christ, they are only ignorant of the things of God.  So discipling is our true calling.

Understanding that our favour does not come from our position, but rather from people noticing God is with us and that they dare not cross us for that would mean crossing God.

So take note of the times that you see the Lord moving in every event in your life.   Yes, use all of your talents and gifts, be faithful, worship, but watch what God is doing through you and in you.

Let’s be consistent. Let’s not recommend one thing, and practise another. The Lord is with us!


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Careful to obey

It does not come naturally does it?

There is a certain element of determination involved with obedience and it is that kind of determination that brings the peace we so desperately seek.  Obedience to God leads to peace with God and with others.

Of course, for those who are opposed to our walk with God, obedience would probably not bring peace to our relationship with them, but it will bring peace with God.


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Holy Spirit help us

This was a response I had to understanding God’s intentions.

We are not left to use our own resources to cope with problems.

Even when I don’t have words to pray, the Holy Spirit prays with me and for me, and God answers.

With God helping me, I do not need to be afraid to come before Him in prayer.

So I am encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit for help in harmony with God’s own will.  I can trust that He will always do what is best in regards to the requests I bring to Him.

Lord, I love the fact that you have given me the Holy Spirit to help me in with my daily problems and in how I should be praying.  Really, I have no idea what I should be praying for or how to express what I am praying for.  However, you Holy Spirit pray for me with such feeling that it cannot be expressed in words.  Thank You!

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“I am behind it”

I know that some of us jump right into spiritual warfare and cast out all the demons…but what if there are no demons…what if God has a plan?

Think about a church that is going through a split of some kind.  Who is right, who is wrong?  Does God take sides?  What does God want us to do when we see our family breaking apart?

I know that God desires unity and that we should always work towards reconciliation, but God is the only one who knows the future.  We see in one-dimensional and God sees in three – so maybe He can see something happening as a result of this division in order to fulfill His greater purposes.

A few good words might have prevented something but all the force of our gifts and talents cannot bring them back together. And it is in vain to contend with the purpose of God, when it is made known to us.

Maybe that’s the point.  I think the sailor’s that were travelling with Jonah didn’t want to believe but in the end they had to throw him overboard.  Maybe instead of jumping in and laying hands on people “suddenly,” we should consider God’s thoughts.

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There is no God like you

Lord, it may seem unusual for people to see a leader kneeling to someone else in front of those they are leading because by kneeling I am submitting to you, a higher authority.

I do this to demonstrate my great love and respect for you, my God.

I acknowledge you God as the ultimate in rule and in authority and I encourage everyone today to do the same.

My arms are extended to you, just like the cedars of Lebanon, and I pray this prayer only to you.

There is no God like you in all of heaven and earth.  You are the God who keeps His kind promises to all those who follow you and who are anxious to do Your will.

Your kept promises are evident throughout my life and I expect that you will carry out your further promises to my children and their children.

How it is possible that you can live with me each day and occupy me – and then to listen to my prayers and answer them!

Look at me with favour, both day and night, hear me when I pray for forgiveness and forgive.  If I cannot hear you, guide me through others or through circumstances that will enable me stay in the centre of your way and your call on my life.

I count on you to step in  when I confront my enemies.  Give me strength to love and teach me the meaning of love and the boundaries that are healthy for me.

Your presence gives me strength to be the leader you have called me to be.  Never ignore me, never turn your face away from me, anoint me each day, love me, be kind to me.

I bless you Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength.


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He is good! His lovingkindness lasts forever!

Even though we are appointed as leaders, no one ever leads alone – we are all accountable to someone else.

Honouring God and acknowledge His presence and goodness is a first step experience for us in making sure that our first duty is to worship Him.  Our worship begins with a recognition of God’s love.

I am reminded so many times that when we praise God first; then, and only then, is my heart prepared to present my own needs to Him.

It is in the recollection of God’s love and mercy that will bring worship into my daily life. He uses music to call people to worship and to send them to war, to soothe ragged emotions and to ignite spiritual passion, to celebrate victories and to mourn losses.

Bless the Lord and sing His praises, Bless the Lord now, O my soul; Join the song all heaven raises, Let the anthem loudly roll! —Peterson
Those who praise God on earth will feel at home in heaven.
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