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Can anyone save you from evil’s power?

When are people great – when they come to compare with God, or when God comes to contend with them?

There are those who I meet from time to time who believe that evil has the upper hand in life.  Once there, it is easier to accept the fact that evil rules the universe and the God is not really the supreme ruler, but evil is.

As followers of Christ we are declared as those who are involved in mythology – there is no purpose for us to stand.  It is unknown to many as to why we have so much confidence and have placed so much trust in Him.

You see, evil has an incredible amount of pride, malice, falsehood, and blasphemy.

When I am confronted with it, I know that there is a time to keep silent, as well as a time to speak; and there are those to whom to offer any thing religious or rational, is to cast pearls before swine.

Yes, it is true – usually with the silent route, evil becomes more proud and more secure in its power.

It is often best to leave such persons to rail and blaspheme; a decided expression of abhorrence is the best testimony against them. The matter must be left to the Lord, who has all hearts in His hands, committing ourselves unto Him in humble submission, believing hope, and fervent prayer.

It is there, in the quietness, that doubts come into our mind and play tricks with us.  Why is there so much evil, why did I lose this family member or friend to illness when I so believed God could heal, why is my marriage such a disaster, why does God not seem to care?

Maybe that’s more evil than a direct confrontation.  We begin to pretend that we are as wise as God, able to deduct and analyse the situation from a perspective that matters.

If God wills to save, He will – if He does not, He doesn’t.  Why is that so hard to accept.  It matters not the outcome, only that I belong to Him and if I belong to Him, He can do with me whatsoever He wishes.  Since when does the servant demand a response as to the what, why, where, when or how from his master?  The master gives and takes away – and He is still my master – blessed be His name.

Evil does not get this.  Thinking that putting Christ on the cross means that it rules.  In its pride, it fails to see the power of love.  Thinking that putting followers of Christ to death means that evil triumph’s.  In its arrogance, it fails to see the power of a testimony of a faithful servant so in love with their master.

Yes, God can save us from evil’s power.  There are basic promises that we have where evil cannot touch us – anything else, we surrender to God’s grace, it is enough to sustain us, deliver us, keep us committed and faithful to following Him until we meet Him, face to face, to spend eternity with Him always.

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2 thoughts on “Can anyone save you from evil’s power?

  1. andydbrown on said:

    I SO thought that youtube link was wrong until I stopped and listened to it! 🙂 Great post!

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