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Honest and Trustworthy

They say that I am rather naive when it comes to trust.  I rarely require someone to prove their trustworthiness and rather give it first and allow the other person the opportunity of losing it.

With that naivety comes the openness in my management style that allows individuals to keep track of their time, their expenses, their activities and allow the only indication of accountability as goals being reached.  That’s not because the end justifies the means, but rather the extended hand of trust that you are honest enough to come and say you need help or open enough to say you could do it better but cannot see how.

That does not work with everyone.  Not everyone wants the reputation of being trustworthy or honest.  They do not want to put in the effort of working hard for that reputation and would rather be told the how, what, where and when and then to produce the markers that indicate that all requirements have been met regardless of the outcome.

Since I am that way, I sometimes relate this to my other relationships where I am doing the following and not the leading.  Sometimes it works, but when it doesn’t I sometimes take it personally.  I take the accountability factor and make it like they do not trust me enough and therefore have to have me fill in my time sheet or account for every penny.

That is not true of course.  Each handles the responsibility of leadership differently.  I work really hard to earn the trust of those I work with and pray that one day that trust is rewarded with an introduction to someone else that describes me as an honest person.

May God honour us to with such a description of our character too.  May He find us faithful in the little things He passes along to us each day and in the end, pass along larger responsibilities because we have shown Him this character trait of being honest and trustworthy with what He has given to us to take care of for Him.


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