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No pardon?

Let’s face it, you and I know people who have no desire to be pardoned – they see no need to repent.

Problem with that it affects everyone else around them as the blessings of God cannot move forward when rebellion against Him is so adamant.

If we wake up in the morning making a decision to serve God, keep our word and our commitments during the day, being content to serve, we would be no worse for our wear and tear.

It is in the decision to rebel that we plunge ourselves into trouble. Compare us to those who mess up and yet find a way to acknowledge that and set things right – you will see a big difference.

Maybe the secret here is our ability to pray for others, even though they are not taking care of business themselves.  Job was smart to pray for his family asking God to forgive them of their sins even though they themselves had no attention of righting that relationship.

Most sins can be forgiven.  Some cannot.  Does this mean some people have acted in such terrible ways that they cannot find reconciliation?  I don’t think so.  After all, there is David.  If any king deserved punishment for the shedding of innocent blood, it was David.  Yet God forgave.  But someone had to pay.  Usually the one who pays is the one who perpetrates the crime.  In David’s exceptional case, the one who paid was the child.  There are times when any attempt to understand the mind of the Lord seems beyond us, aren’t there?  Here’s what we know.  God avenges innocent blood.  May that blood never touch our hands in any way!

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2 thoughts on “No pardon?

  1. andydbrown on said:

    Some great thoughts here, as always, Evan! Always great to see an email in my inbox letting me know that another of your posts has been published. God bless!

  2. Andy, can’t wait to meet you one day – hopefully even in Oman!

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