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The one who prayed

What a great description for one to give to a leader or prominent person in our community – to be remembered as the one who prayed.

However, I am afraid that most of us would rather be remembered as someone who was heroic or an heroic act.

We fail to realize that in prayer we can pray four things everyday that will enable success in our duties and responsibilities as leaders in our everyday life.

1. Ask God to bless me

2. Ask God to help me in my work

3. Ask God to be with me, engaged with me, in all that I do

4. Keep me from evil and disaster

I think it’s imperative that we acknowledge God as the true centre of our work.  When we pray for God’s blessing, we should also pray that He will take His rightful position as Lord over all areas of our lives.

The praying specifically to be protected from evil and disaster is important because we live in a fallen world where sin rules.  It is important to ask God to keep us safe from that unavoidable evil that comes our way – however – not forgetting that we too must avoid evil motives, desires and actions that begin with us.

So the praying and seeking of God’s protection from evil is as important as asking God to keep evil from becoming a part of our thoughts and actions.


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4 thoughts on “The one who prayed

  1. Thanks for this. I love the prayer of Jabez in the book of Chronicles which includes these aspects of prayer. Not only bless me but also that I be a blessing. Not only extend my territory but also increase my fruitfulness, not only let God’s hand be with me but let my hands reach out to others. Not only keep me from evil but also enable me to live righteously and make a positive influence for Christ.

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