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Cry out to God for help

Success comes in many forms, usually from God only when we realize that we cannot do it by ourselves.  Our fear of failure is greater than our denial of our need for God or even greater than understanding His desire to do for us what we could not imagine.

Success, with God, comes because we trust Him – prayer is a form of that trust, the transfer of dependability of ourselves to God.

What I love about God is that He created within us the instincts and skills sets that enable us to do what we do.  He does not disregard His own creation.  He does however ask that we place those gifts back into His hand and allow Him to participate in our lives from time to time.

So each morning, I decide to do just that, praying and receiving my direction for the day.

My strength is only in this – my natural and developed abilities are given to me by God, meant to be used for Him and they should never replace my dependence on Him.

When I trust in myself, whether I think I am clever, skilled or strong enough on my own rather than with God, I am open to the spirit of arrogance.

So today, in difficult situations, what is my go to plan?  I pray that we seek God’s purposes and ask for His guidance and follow that by asking for His strength.

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