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“Courageous or unyielding – having or showing courage and resolution”

All my manly instincts kick at the word “stout-hearted” that I was taken back with this painting of Mary at the feet of Jesus and the artist arrested me immediately with the image of a very courageous woman who was determined to do what she came to do regardless of the whispers.

I am sure that in her lifetime she heard many whispers about her actions, but this one was a good one and nothing was going to stop her from being a follower of Jesus Christ and demonstrating that great love.

There are times I think that to be known as wise is a great attribute of a leader.  I strive for that, I pray for wisdom every day.

Followers can trust a man of wisdom but would die for a man who is courageous and determined to be the man God wants him to be.

Men are challenged, deep down inside, when they meet with such a woman who has determined to follow Jesus.  It energizes them to do amazing things.

May we pray for the men and women in our lives – introduce a new word into our prayer life today – Lord, make us stout-hearted in following you today!

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10 thoughts on “Stout-hearted

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    Wow! A powerful article. Thank you!

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  3. I really like this article. I think Susan had it right. “Powerful” That fits.

  4. Appreciate that Wayne!

  5. Hi, I’ve been trying to find the artist to this picture, do you know who it is by any chance? i’ll come back and check this page if you comment.

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