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…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

Disobedience leads to…

…the right answer is death but we all know the journey that gets us there is a rough road.

Disobedience can be found both in the active and passive sense.  By that I mean not only doing wrong, but actually failing to do right.

We actively disobey by attempting murder, ignoring God‘s instructions and looking to understand the future through fortune-tellers.

We passively disobey by neglecting to ask God for guidance as we are called to rule the world God has given to us.

Obedience is also active and passive.  It is not enough just to avoid what is wrong, we need to actively pursue what is right.

Have I ever asked God for guidance?

Most definitely, however, the real litmus is asking at the start of the day for example as opposed to my frantic requests to God after I have tried doing everything my own way.  Basically, never going to God unless there was no where else to turn.

Guess I can’t be surprised when He doesn’t answer.  When we ask God for selfish reasons, they are just cover-ups for our stubborness and rebellion.


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2 thoughts on “Disobedience leads to…

  1. I shared this on my fb page. Great post.

  2. awesome – gotta go and check you out!

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