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Leader = Shepherd

I am always amazed at individuals who try so hard to be leaders.  They strive, get involved, are passionate advocates, look for nominations to Boards and committees and give huge amount of time to the church.  Unfortunately, when all their striving is not recognized there is a bit of depression that sets in and a slight antagonistic attitude.

There is only one piece of counselling I can give to such an individual – well, maybe two.  Thank God that you can now live the life He has called you too, and secondly, a leader is a shepherd first and does not need position, title or influence to fulfill this call of God on all of our lives.

King David encourages me in this matter.  He is anointed king in a private session and then continues to lead a life of a shepherd, literally and spiritually.  So when the day comes for David to take his position as king, the people declare that he take his role that he was already fulfilling even when Saul was king.

It is true – position does not matter, how you do ministry matters and if done well, many will automatically think of you as a leader as does our Lord.

The way to be truly great, is to be really useful, to devote all our talents to the Lord.


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13 thoughts on “Leader = Shepherd

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    King David is a ‘fave’ leader of mine too! (Lord, heal the insecurities in peoples’ hearts that leads to striving instead of resting in Your Spirit’s power!)

  2. To be great is just as you said. It’s to be useful. To make a difference. Even better if no one knows you’re doing it or behind it.

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  4. Once I watched a BBC documentary about Jesus on DVD and noticed that the shepherd needed the sheep. What is a shepherd without sheep? And the sheep, of course would be dinner without the shepherd. So I have pondered to what extent a creator needs a creation and what that indicates about a functional divine-human relationship. I am still thinking about it.

    • yeah – I have seen that approach and discussion before – glad you are still thinking about it – I have not started it yet. Unless you think that the same principle applies with good and evil and why does evil exit if only to direct to the good and why does God need to direct anything to Himself? I am in the middle of that one…

  5. Planting Potatoes on said:

    well said…..

  6. Thanks. Great reminder. Love to be encouraged by others but can’t make that the basis of my leadership.

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