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Sanctify yourselves

I think we all from time to time remember to set ourselves apart from the world and focus in on our relationship with God.

It is our reconnection point with Him and our opportunity to set our path and re-commit to following Him.

However, I think there are moments, other than times we chose, when we need to discern that sanctification is required – possibly when we need to do a task or accept a responsibility or perform a duty.

I am thinking of times where I lead worship for the first time, or took leadership of a ministry, or when I was getting ready for my marriage…all significant moments where I felt it was appropriate to set myself apart and prepare for God to fill me and use me for His service.

Those moments require all the elements that you might incorporate every day – prayer, fasting, Bible reading, quiet time, meditation, seeking forgiveness, allowing God to search your heart, going from room to room in your heart making sure He has access to everything in your life and nothing is holding you back from serving Him with all of your heart…

As a steward of the things God has made us responsible for, I think we can’t just wait for special moments.  I think just as we prepare our hearts for communion, we need to spend more time sanctifying ourselves because the times are here where we need to act in the “now” and need to be placed into service for our Lord without any timetable – share our faith with someone who is a follower of Satan (just happened to me the other day), or with a person who is really against Christ being God (Muslim that was spitting his point of view) or facing incredible doubt, depression and spiritual attack (happened over the past three months).

So I have decided that I need to set apart, on a Sunday, a time of sanctification, a time where I remind myself and God that I am His and He is mine.  A time where I clean house, get instructions and advice, think about the future and what God would like to see happen in that coming week, a time of fasting and prayer, rededication and a time where I can tell Him how much I love Him.



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