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Constant love and mercy

It is because of God‘s constant love and mercy that we know that the call to constant worship and prayer is just as real!

The worship of God ought to be the work of every day.

For some that is really easy – with earpads in, connected to iPhones, heads bopping in the car,down the street, doing household chores – all in a days work.  I catch what I can in the car and can be caught humming a tune now a then.

I do not think we need to see ourselves prostrate on the floor in heavy-duty prayer.  We just need to see that our prayers are directed to God as incense, and the lifting up of our hands as symbolic as the cedars of Lebanon stretching out their branches, giving and receiving to and from God.

Of course, let’s encourage each other to come together as a body of Christ in worship – whatever day and at whatever time you and others have determined that to be for your fellowship and communion time.  For these are the times where we come together to get serious about our relationship with Jesus and each other.  This is where we practice our own giving of constant love and mercy just as Christ has given to us.

It is that spirit of coming together in itself that encourages us to be more like Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Constant love and mercy

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Great article.

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