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May the Lord do what is best

In my everyday battle with evil in this world, I face the perceived enemy with a sense of courage and by committing myself to God and the battle to Him, I also commit the success to Him.

I am not sure when and where I picked up this frame of living, but I know that it has held me together through many battles.  In fact, if we are going to have an argument in our marriage, it will be because my sense of perfect peace stresses out my wife who takes it as if I do not care.

The safety is in trusting that the Lord will do what is best for us. As we submit to HIm, seeking peace with Him and yielding ourselves to Him as His servants, we have courage.  With that courage we help each other.

Yes, I have too many stories to tell, as you might too, of followers of Christ who have left that path because what they thought God should do, He didn’t.  I can’t speak into their lives – it takes an incredible amount of courage to step into a battle, surrounded by evil, and see yourself coming out of it whole.  However, our salvation never came to us by sight, rather it came by faith.  We should live our life in the same manner.  For if we should deviate, we may not see our salvation because of either our unbelief or because of sin that has crept and found a place in our heart.























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3 thoughts on “May the Lord do what is best


    Indeed it takes faith in order to stand firm even when things look bleak for He is a Sovereign God who is always in control.

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