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Begin making preparations

I think that we are so busy at times trying to do something for our name, that we lay aside our responsibility to prepare the next generation for leadership.

Yes, it is our own love for glory that keeps us from setting aside incredible amount of time and energy making sure that the next person in leadership after you will have everything at their hands to complete the job.

Why is that so hard?  Why would we do so much work to allow someone else to get all the credit?

Ahhh, the secret of real leadership is understanding that what we have is not ours to keep, but ours to give away – following in the footsteps of the God we serve.

So writing your Will – Canadians can check here to see what that might look like – preparing the Board with detail plans and funding structure along with designs and a leadership team that will honour the new leader when that person is appointed, bringing in your replacement for Sunday School teaching and practicing leadership by you taking deliberate days off, etc. are all ways we can make plans to step aside and allow others to take over and allow you to open your life to mentoring and then engaging in new plans that God has for you.

This just might be the adventure you have been looking for!


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2 thoughts on “Begin making preparations

  1. Excellent point. Well said.

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