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Without regard to age or training

Basically, I want to encourage times where not only do we not regard age or training, but we are also careful to weigh greatness with insignificance, especially with family names, place or position in life, a child verses an adult in a family, a rich or poor family.

The magistracy is an ordinance of God for the good of the Church, as truly as the ministry, and must not be neglected. I think there is not a soul in the world who would say that those employed or doing ministry are concerned about the outward business of their lives.

They have all but one duty – engage the whole person in service to God.

Wisdom, courage, strength of faith, holy affections, and constancy of mind in doing our duty, are requisite or useful for every station.

So I am fifty years old this year and am the youth pastor of group of 30  and am the Executive Director of a ministry holding only a BRE degree.

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2 thoughts on “Without regard to age or training

  1. I work in an aged care facility where people are at the other end of the scale, sometimes over 100 years old, so although I am in my 50’s I am only half their age. Sometimes I feel I am too young to speak into their lives. Age is not the issue. By the way, well done having a youth group of 30. That’s a great size group to share the experience that only comes with, dare I say it, age.

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