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“I am behind it”

I know that some of us jump right into spiritual warfare and cast out all the demons…but what if there are no demons…what if God has a plan?

Think about a church that is going through a split of some kind.  Who is right, who is wrong?  Does God take sides?  What does God want us to do when we see our family breaking apart?

I know that God desires unity and that we should always work towards reconciliation, but God is the only one who knows the future.  We see in one-dimensional and God sees in three – so maybe He can see something happening as a result of this division in order to fulfill His greater purposes.

A few good words might have prevented something but all the force of our gifts and talents cannot bring them back together. And it is in vain to contend with the purpose of God, when it is made known to us.

Maybe that’s the point.  I think the sailor’s that were travelling with Jonah didn’t want to believe but in the end they had to throw him overboard.  Maybe instead of jumping in and laying hands on people “suddenly,” we should consider God’s thoughts.

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4 thoughts on ““I am behind it”

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    Lead us, Holy Spirit…

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