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Holy Spirit help us

This was a response I had to understanding God’s intentions.

We are not left to use our own resources to cope with problems.

Even when I don’t have words to pray, the Holy Spirit prays with me and for me, and God answers.

With God helping me, I do not need to be afraid to come before Him in prayer.

So I am encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit for help in harmony with God’s own will.  I can trust that He will always do what is best in regards to the requests I bring to Him.

Lord, I love the fact that you have given me the Holy Spirit to help me in with my daily problems and in how I should be praying.  Really, I have no idea what I should be praying for or how to express what I am praying for.  However, you Holy Spirit pray for me with such feeling that it cannot be expressed in words.  Thank You!

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11 thoughts on “Holy Spirit help us

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    Yes!! 🙂

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  4. Thank you. I truly understand how important it is to let Him pray when I don’t know the exact words. I say that He is praying in our Heavenly language. I love Him.

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