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The Lord is with us

That is an important thing to know.  For if He is with us, we are changed people, leaders extraordinaire.

The ony way that He is with us is if we are with Him, following in His footsteps, not placing anything else a priority in our lives other than Him.

Some call that obedience.

Amazing things happen when the Lord is with us – people will follow us, we will prosper in many areas of our lives, we will be bold in our faith even to the point of standing up to those who are abusing the faith.

I believe it is our responsibility to share the Lord with others – most today have not rejected Christ, they are only ignorant of the things of God.  So discipling is our true calling.

Understanding that our favour does not come from our position, but rather from people noticing God is with us and that they dare not cross us for that would mean crossing God.

So take note of the times that you see the Lord moving in every event in your life.   Yes, use all of your talents and gifts, be faithful, worship, but watch what God is doing through you and in you.

Let’s be consistent. Let’s not recommend one thing, and practise another. The Lord is with us!


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