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…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

There are some good things

No matter how hard you fall, how hard you fail, always remember there are some good things about you and that trying and to keep on trying, matters.

Think about the principles of grace, righteousness, and holiness, faith, love, passion, and other blessings, true and genuine, from where you have the strength to even try to do the things God has asked you to do.

Your life already resembles a lot of changes, you have changed direction, removed what needed to be removed so that your worship is true, left those things behind that hindered you from following Jesus and maybe even destroyed a few things to make sure they had no chance of ever being in your life again.

Even with some good things, the adventure begins.  I prepare my heart to seek God; through the grace of God my heart is disposed to serve and worship the Lord, and to seek His honour and glory.

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3 thoughts on “There are some good things

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    Will share this with a prayer team — very encouraging reminder about the grace and godly power in which we stand.

  2. The hidden gems of our lives – may the prayer teams of our world be loved with a special love for the lives they have saved…

  3. Planting Potatoes on said:

    YES….! Satan works so hard to take away that which he has no power to if we keep our eyes on God and claim the promise of salvation!

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