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We are just branches

Branches do not brag.

They do not because they can be broken, other branches can be spliced into your branch – if we are important, it is because we are now a part of God‘s tree.

But the temptation to think that we are so good, to be received by God, called as one of His own – let’s not mess with that temptation – it’s called being proud when we should be humble and grateful – can I also say careful, for if the branches that existed before your time are no longer there or were broken and God did not spare them, I am sure He will not spare us either.

I say that because it is good to keep in mind that God is both kind and severe.  He is very hard on those who disobey, but very good to us if we continue to love and trust Him.

To me it is amazing that God choose to take my branch from a wild tree and graft me into His tree.  So what have I done to earn that right?  So why should I feel superior.  I am nourished by the root, nothing else will sustain me.

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