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Decide to repair and recondition

There is a more popular word used these days – renewal.

How does one come to the place where they see the need, or have the desire, or realize that it time to seek some sort of action in this direction?

Normally we are given some motivational speech by our minister, or small group leader and for some of our older friends in the church, our Sunday School teacher.

What if the call came from the Holy Spirit himself?

What if He pointed out some things and called you on them – encouraging you to grow past them, see what the world looks like on the other side of the fence when you are walking closer to the walk that God has called you too.

It can’t be done until you straighten some things out.  It might be a change in how we read our Bible, how we pray, the time we give to exercise, obedience, practicing the fruits of the Spirit and declining, staying away from, leaving behind the things that put us askew, leaving us feeling off track.

Journaling might help, an alarm clock could be necessary, changing the amount of time we sleep, or work, or play might work – whatever it takes to shake off the dust and rust in our spiritual lives and get tuned up.

For each of us its different.  My theme this year is in the title of this blog.  My call was to take the leadership that God entitled me to take.  I have been practicing all year trying to make sure I lead and was a model for those who followed.  I made sure to find other leaders who I could follow, others who had accepted God’s call to lead.

That lead me to try “praying always,” reading my Bible every morning, journaling, taking courses on missions, and sharing with everyone I meet during the day some significant point I learned.  By sharing, I do not mean preaching, but inserting my learning into a story, a prayer, a thought, a blessing towards someone else.

I think though that if we do not decide that such a refurbishment is necessary, it might not happen.

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