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Seek guidance from God = Success

We all need someone in our lives who can instruct us in the “fearing” of God.

I believe we live in the days where we all need a tutor who understands the mind of God and can instruct us to see Him in many more ways than we can imagine.

It’s true isn’t it – being a Christian is quite the easiest of all things to do, but being a follower of Christ is incredibly difficult.  Lately I have been hearing about the athletes that have decided to abstain from premarital sexual relationships and they say that this commitment is harder to do than the day-to-day regimes they face in preparing for their sport.  I think the same goes with drinking alcoholic beverages.

Life does not start with what we do not do, nor are we defined by what we do not do – it is in the decision to seek God alone, first, our priority, that brings us forward and enables to be successful.

It is the knowing Him, the following Him, the worship of Him,  and the understanding of who He is and why His directions are so important to follow.

Let’s face it, God never forsakes any who seek Him, and therefore we are the cause of our own destruction.

He will never suffer any to seek His face in vain.


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2 thoughts on “Seek guidance from God = Success

  1. I agree with this.

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