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Do not be stubborn

I have not found a good picture in a long time that describes exactly what I am trying to say without saying it – awesome!

There is something about the Dutch, and to be fair, I have only noticed this in the men, that you might not know about – they like celebrating on the very day that there is to be a celebration.  So if you come before their birthday or after their birthday, I mean, why come at all?  If you come before Christmas or after Christmas, why bother coming?  Can you imagine two Nederlanders getting married and both their fathers want them there on Christmas – one lives in Toronto and the other in Calgary?  Requires a real act of God 🙂

I absolutely love Jesus for this.  He broke almost every manmade rule just to ensure that we knew the difference between that and the heart of God.

What mattered most was not the day of the celebration, but the fact we celebrated.

It is not the euphoria of revival, but the deep-seated change of heart and life.

Not being stubborn, but coming back to God, so that He could come back to us.  Yielding ourselves to Him, worshipping Him, so that He could bless us, give us stories of His mercy to tell our children, letting others know of His incredibly kindness to those who return to Him.


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