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Be strong, be brave and do not be afraid

This is a great motivational line for you today, but you and I know that we need more.

Part of being strong and brave and courageous is what we do in preparation for the days when these characteristic traits are required – they do not come naturally, nor to they come because you listened to some motivational speakers.

There is a plan that you are working through already in your life.  A plan that first of all understands that in this world you will be attacked because of who you are – a child of God.  A plan that robs you of the things that you want and desire in order to fill your world with the things that God wants you to have and trust that He will give you the desires of your heart.  A plan to find those weak spots in your character and strengthen them, weak spots in your armour and develop them, adding to them, creating new opportunities for the Holy Spirit to gift you with other strengths.  A plan to mentor and support others so that you are surrounded by others who are like-minded in their desire to be strong, brave and courageous.

Basically, when the time is called upon to be strong, brave and courageous, may you see with eyes of faith, may you realize that what is opposing you, no matter what the difference in number may be, those numbers mean nothing because the Lord is on your side.  Victory is not by might or power, its by the Spirit of God.

Our confidence lies on where we stand with God and where others around us stand with Him.

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9 thoughts on “Be strong, be brave and do not be afraid

  1. I like the song “be brave be strong”, the innocence of the children makes it palatable for even the toughest man out there.

    And amen to this post, it’s not by power, nor might by Him and Him alone.

  2. Amen! Good thoughts. Thank you!

  3. andydbrown on said:

    Great post & great thoughts! I am so like that little dog. Once I “feel” that I’m not on “the leash of God”, I lose my boldness! I was pleasantly surprised to hear a kids praise song there! Like Stan wrote, it’s appropriate for even “the toughest guy out there” as any “tough guy in the Lord” comes to Him with the faith of a small child. Thanks for sharing this!

    • That is so cool – new it was kind of weird to add it but the words were so right – thanks for sharing it though – two guys right up there making it count!! Blessings….

  4. Too good not to share. Thank you. I appreciate what you do here for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 🙂

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