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Based on my search for a proper picture, the word change is quite an interesting word.  I found photos of butterflies and frogs, both of whom change as God has created that process – it just happens.  I found a fish jumping from one fish bowl to a “better” fish bowl but that is just a “grass is greener on the other side” kind of change.  I found a lot of challenges out there for you and I to “be the change.”  That’s not bad, but there was little encouragement for the change to come from within.

The change I am talking about deals more with us walking in a certain direction and then realizing that direction does not take us where we want to go or I should be more direct, where God wants us to go.

It is our opportunity, no matter how bad or how far removed we are from God, to turn, change direction, and move toward Him.

This of course produces another change that comes through growth.  When we are not growing, we are not changing.  Change = growth, right?

This is what you have to love about our role as stewards of what has been given to us.  As leaders, we are constantly in need of growth.  We can’t lead unless we are growing, can’t teach unless we have stories to tell of how we have changed.  I believe the word used in various Christian circles is sanctification – but “change to grow” makes a lot more sense and it applies for today, not yesterday.

So when Jesus is praying all night, when He is not eating, when He is up first thing in the morning – these are things, sacrifices that push Him towards God.  These are the activities that enable Him to calm the storm, walk on water, feed thousands, heal, deliver and more importantly, mentor a group of men and disciple another group of men and women into the leaders that changed the world.

Do not think for  a minute that the person who is slip sliding down the slippery slope of drugs, alcohol, sex and rebellion against God s not changing – they are – and they are growing.  When they come back to following Jesus, they will be incredible followers of Jesus having experienced the growth and reality of the other side of the world where there is no hope, no faith, and no peace.

May your devotions this day cause you to look inside and see what could you change.  If you spend only 15 minutes a day for every day, working and changing this one area of your life, I am sure you will see incredible growth.  If you do not, no worries, someone who knows you well will tell you that they see it.  Maybe that’s the best indicator of change and growth – may it then be part of your testimony of God’s incredible grace in your life.

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2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Sounds good to me although knowing what needs to change sometimes eludes me. I am not saying that I don’t need to change in certain areas, it’s just that I am not aware of them.

    Shirley Anne x

    • One of the key things about being “quite” before God is that He actually points out stuff – sometimes it gets pretty deep and personal. But day to day stuff comes from day to day exposure to what God has to say to me through His love letter – pretty simple stuff but let’s face it – the stuff that needs to change we would rather not – thank you very much!

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