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Ignoring God’s message

First of all, how easy is it these day to ignore those people who always hear from God and who end up not getting it right?  It almost embarrassing and you hope at times that these people who are pontificating are rookies trying to come across as heros.

So what happens when we ignore a message from someone who is not even a follower of Christ?

I mean, I am set up both ways to possibly miss something really important by making a mistaken assumption that either the message from the follower is flawed or the message from the non-follower could not be part of God’s larger plan for my life.

It is true – I need to be really humble when it comes to listening.  If I miss God’s point because of my false assumption, it could really cost me.

I need to come back to a naive stance and that is any message from God can come in unexpected ways.

Lord, don’t let my prejudice or false assumptions blind me from Your message.


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4 thoughts on “Ignoring God’s message

  1. I’ve a thought to share, and it’s just my opinion, but after many years, I’ve come to know something about how God speaks to His people. It is true that He often uses others, both his called, and those who refuse Him totally, but there is one thing which He does not, and will never do. He will never speak a message to you that is in any way, shape, or form contradictory to His express and inerrant Holy Word. If you think someone has given you a message from the Lord, it is wise to look to His Holy Word, first, to see that it is there, then to pray for clarification and substantiation before taking further action. If it is His will, you will know, for you shall see it, and bear witness of the fruit it will yield.

    • That is true Wayne. I think it is wise hear for us to understand what that “inerrant Holy Word” is because Satan used that Word when tempting Jesus in the desert, yet Jesus understand the spirit of that Word (Himself) and was also able to use the big picture of the character of God and bring the “inerrant Holy Word” to bear truth into conversation. So important to know the Word, more important to know the author of the Word. Good stuff Wayne!

  2. I totally relate. I spent my 30s and part of my 40s trying to “read” messages that God didn’t send as His Will. Now, when I think the message is from God, I ask:
    1. Is it biblical?
    2. Do others (my mentors) see this same message for me?
    3. Do I get confirmation from a trusted mentor when I haven’t share anything with him/her?

    If I get “yes” to these questions, I wait. I wait for the Lord to open doors instead of trying to pry them open myself. When I wait, I celebrate.

    Great reminder!

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