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Gracious hand of God

As a leader, I can prepare, study, engage, lead, mentor and be all that God has called me to be.

This I can do as part of my day-to-day calling and workplace experience.

The adventure takes place when I count on the graciousness of God to take over, to open doors that are closed, to protect when I make myself vulnerable, to provide when the access to resources are not available.

I also look at the absence of God’s grace as something that sends off an alarm in my spirit.

Is He removing His hand because of my sin, others sin, wants to direct me in a different direction, wants to see me grow or to learn discernment or maybe to practice listening to His voice?

It is my task to not just let life happen – I need to understand the signs that God is directing in my life.  His gracious hands are always there – that is a fact.  So regardless of my feelings, He has promised to never leave me.  So my task is not to doubt, it is too always engage – Lord, are you telling/showing/guiding me today to an opportunity or are you warning me of a threat?

The gracious hand of God will give me incredible favour that will assure that the path I am on is the one I am to be on, and it is up to me to seek God’s face when His hand is removed – discerning a time of growth versus a warning that I am off the path He has called me on.

I am thankful to Job – he has led me a lot in my journey as being a follower of Jesus.  His life has taught me much about who God is and some way of understanding how He works in this area.

May your ability to discern and understand the signs of the times and God’s call in your life help you make the right decisions.  Even if a mistake is made, His gracious hands will continue to be there.- we can count on that all the time.


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