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Declaring a fast

If you are like me, fasting is something that I do not do often.  It speaks more to my pride than my desire to spend more quality time with God.

When I do fast, it is one where I humble myself before God and spend time in prayer.

My prayer might surprise you a bit.

I pray for my faith journey, since  am in a ministry that is quite high in the spiritual warfare arena – I pray for God to protect those involved in the ministry, my family – especially my children and for our property.

It is one of those things that I do not leave to chance and there is no way I am going to ask for any one to take this responsibility on, even though I have many prayer partners.

Why do I pray in this manner?

Just as I would prepare in making a physical journey, so I must prepare before making a spiritual journey.  I want God to see my dependence on Him, I need to let myself know that God is in control and that I am not strong enough to make the trip without Him.

My life and the lives of my family are part of our testimony to God’s protection on all those who worship Him.  Disaster may take place, but only because God has something with purpose from it.

So may fasting is about praying for protection, blessings, favour and grace so that the name of God may be glorified and that He may take care of us.



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