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There is hope in spite of this

Funny thing about hope, it always exist.  I think as long as God is alive and well there is hope.

Most of us count on hope – hope that our sin will not longer be remembered, hope that there is life after the loss of a loved one, hope that healing will take place after abuse, hope that there will be a job that will provide for the needs of your family, hope that someone will love you for who you are and hope that you will not be alone – the list goes on.

There are some false hopes too – hope that you will win the lottery, hope that its okay to have sex before marriage, hope that addictions are okay if they are not hurting anyone else, hope that there is no heaven or hell, hope that there is no God who will hold us accountable one day – the list goes on.

So what happens when these two lists collide.

I think of the verse where God promises those who will seek Him, and pray, that He will come and heal their land.  That might be the first step, but how do we engage with the next few steps is what will really matter.  Those steps will define where our hope lands.

These steps can be quite painfully – loss of friends, change in lifestyle can be misunderstood by many, marriage/relationship troubles and the list goes on.

The power of hope – the hope that God is faithful, that He is watching, that He cares, that He sees the outcome of our situation, not only for tomorrow – but for years down the road, that He is holding us in the palm of His hands, that He is carrying us, that for eternity we will be spending our lives with Him, that His promises are true and that He has given us His life as a pledge for that promise and the companionship of the Holy Spirit to empower us to hold on to this hope – it is this power that changes us to be more like God.

There is always hope – in spite of what we go through each day, there is hope because of who God is.  May we never lose that promise nor fail to believe in it – it is our salvation.


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2 thoughts on “There is hope in spite of this

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