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Where to find God

Even this morning, a young teenager exclaimed that faith is a feeling…and I had to gently remind her and the others that there will be many times where we will feel so distant from God.  If we left our faith to be only justified in a feeling then we would be prone to losing our faith and our salvation far too many times.

Yet in those dark times of our lives we do wonder what we have to do to find Him.

I mean wouldn’t we bear suffering so much better if we knew why it was happening – but that would require no faith would it.

Maybe if we knew what sin we needed to repent of so that the punishment of seeming rejection could pass – right?

Maybe if He loved me enough, He could forgive me if He chose to.

One thing is for sure – questions about God, life, and justice are not as simple as assumed.  Finding God is crucial to my survival – especially in times of darkness.  It is here, in these moments, that the practice of prayer, Bible reading and obedience to God will find me in good standing.  For my faith is one of practice and in those moments, even though darkness may surround me, God will appear as a still small voice and a flame will flicker and a revival will burst inside me bringing me back into the presence of God just at the mention, the whisper of His name.



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7 thoughts on “Where to find God

  1. Dude where have you been!?! lol!

  2. Susan Michaels on said:

    God teaches us to overcome…especially fear…in the dark. In Him there is no darkness at all. Thank you for the faith-building post!

    • Amen – light can be measured – we can move forward in the light. Darkness does not move – more like moving smudges from one spot to another. Light is amazing and glad the Lord is Lord of both!

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