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Do you know where to find wisdom and understanding?

Funny how today we can mine the most precious of stones in the earth, perform all kinds of technological wonders, find stars invisible to the naked eye, visit space, store volumes on a chip but somehow cannot nail that elusive wisdom required for our daily lives.

Only God can show us the way because He is true wisdom.  He alone can give us perspective on life.

It makes sense because He is our Creator, in fact, the Creator of all life and knows whats best for us.

Maybe that is why it feels futile and fruitless when I spend too much time trying to become wise to my colleagues and associates via my education.  At the end of the day, only my time spent with God provides me the opportunity of seeing the greater purposes of God in this world – something my own study, observations and efforts seem to always miss.

I am sure that most of us know a verse somewhere in the Bible that indicates that to have respect, reverence, a sense of awe for who God is and His majesty is wisdom.  In fact, I am reading such a verse this morning that says that the Lord is true wisdom and to forsake evil is real understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Do you know where to find wisdom and understanding?

  1. Well said, and a good reminder for us all…

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