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Small mistakes

There is a saying that dead flies will cause even a bottle of perfume to stink!

Our heart will lead us to either good or evil.  If our heart is the moment of measurement, then in fact, you can identify an evil person just by the way they walk down the street.

So what does it mean when a good person makes a small mistake that can outweigh all of their wisdom and honour?

We have seen it happen many, many times and in many, many lives – the outcomes are evident in the lives that have been destroyed.

When we consider the cost of doing good, accomplishing much, we rarely take the time to consider what is the status of our heart. Therein might lay our weakest link.

I truly believe that when we fail to take inventory of the status of our heart, if we fail to consider the consequences or find ourselves in a state of denial so that we may give ourselves permission to journey off the path, these small mistakes are like daggers that once the pierce us, they continue on their journey through us.

They can only be stopped through confession – the cost of confession could mean embarrassment, punishment and maybe even exile.  So most of us yield to the temptation to ensure that no one knows about the mistake – it never happened – and so the daggers continue to move through our bodies, continuing to destroy us.  Sometimes the truth will be found while we are yet alive, other times the truth is found once we have passed away – either way the cost is great.

We will all stand before God at some point.  He is a live witness to our wayward ways and speech.  I pray for boldness today to catch myself making those small mistakes and ask God for help to overcome the temptation.  If I should catch myself yielding to the temptation, I must ask for forgiveness.  May the seeds of complacency and willingness to allow evil at all in my heart be something that I lay aside in my decision to be a follower of Jesus.

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8 thoughts on “Small mistakes

  1. It is soo good to see you posting again! lol! Kingdom blessing!

  2. Amazing how hard it is to get back into a good habit!

  3. somepcguy on said:

    The source of the saying you started your blog with is Ecclesiastes 10:1 “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.” Which I suspect you already knew. The only reason I made the connection is because that passage was part of my daily devotional blog a few days ago. If not for that I probably would not have read your post (your opening paragraph was not what I was looking for tonight). I am glad that I did read your post. The way you commented on that passage made me realize how many people there are who do not get the truth of that saying.

  4. It is less to do with temptation but more to do with giving in to it. We are not shielded from temptation unless we put on the full armour of God. Now this is the crunch, in moments of weakness that armour may be pierced. We end up doing the very things that we don’t want to do. As Paul said, what wretched people we are. It is so easy to taint ourselves by making mistakes. Fortunately our God is a loving and forgiving God so that when we confess our mistakes (sins) He is faithful and will forgive us. We can all fall by the wayside sometimes but we can get back on the right track. It is one great battle.

    Shirley Anne x

  5. This is a good reminder. I needed to read this today. Thanks!

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