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Do we have the right to question God?

Let me quickly share with you that there is a difference between the freedom to ask God questions verses the right to question what He does.

I mean, He is God, He made the earth and created us.  He made the heavans and the vastness of the stars.  He knows everything there is to know about you and I and He still loves us.  He never looks for a reward for all that He does.

So I think we have the freedom to inquire from God His plan and seeking instructions as to how we can best fit into that plan or to understand it better from His perspective.

I was sharing a bit of this on Sunday morning – we know God is God because He is the only one who knows the future.  As God, I think that He wants us to ask me of things to come – it indicates that we believe He is God and we know that no one can direct and order future events; and we might go so far as to say that it is our duty and privilege to do so.

The idea is:

1. That God alone could direct future events, and give information respecting them.

2. That instead of complaining of His actions, we should humbly inquire of Him in regard to their design, and the proper manner of meeting them; and

3. That if they were made the subject of humble, fervent, believing prayer, He would order them so as to promote our welfare, and would furnish us grace to meet them in a proper manner.

However, when we think that we know what God should be doing and start to give Him directions concerning the work of His hands, then we cross the line of inquiry.

God wants us to present our desires, He allows us to share our hearts with Him and we believe that He hears our prayers.  We believe that He wants to bless us and care for us, providing us with what is best in our lives.  So when He answers, however that might be, our call is not to complain or oppose or challenge Him.


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3 thoughts on “Do we have the right to question God?

  1. We always told our children growing up that they could say any thing they wanted, if they said it the right way. I believe God is big enough to handle our questions. We need to be mature enough to ask Him like He is God. The respect we show for Him will manifest joy in our lives in many unexpected ways.
    Love your posts!

  2. I agree with you. I appreciate the way you allow God to work through you to bless others. Praise Him for His devoted children.

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