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“I am God alone”

You and I know that this is an easy concept to grasp and understand – most of us growing up as children in the church would recognize this a million miles away and those of us, who each Easter are faithful in watching the Ten Commandments, who also be well attuned to this.

Teaching this subject to about 15 teenagers was looking to be quite a simple task and they answered beautifully and wonderfully.

So the time to go deeper came up quickly and were they ever shocked when they discovered that there were other gods in their lives and that God was more like a monarch in their lives as opposed to the absolute leader – God alone.

I am afraid that as an adult, I too fail to realize that what I know in my head is not true necessarily in my heart.  A quick look at my checkbook, my daily planner, and my attitude when talking about the future and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God may not be my absolute, one and only, that I have served this day.

So each day as I enter a new post, I see the title of my blog and remember that it was God who laid the foundations of the earth, it was the palm of His right hand that spread out the heavens above and it was Him speaking the Word, and what did not exist came into being.  Then He turned the stewardship of all of this to you and I.  We serve an awesome God, the one and only – there is no other.

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