master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

God inhabits eternity

Imagine no time, no real past. present or future in the sense that the future is already known.

What does it take for one to live in such a place with Him?

I mean for eternity…

Why am I consumed in my quest for power and money and why does death scare me?

Death probably scares me because it will separate me from my power and money and put me out of my sense of denial that there is even a God.

My quest for things that do no matter in light of eternity make the things that do matter small and trivial.  I am sure that a contrite and humble heart is what is required to live with God.  Can a humble and contrite heart help me in the here and now?

What miracle takes place in my heart when I turn to God, repent of the wrong direction in my life, and decide to follow Him – will He give me new courage?

Will He fight for me, will He heal me, lead and comfort me, and will He help me when I am grieving.  Will He show me my sin so that I can confess and make things right, will He give me peace, peace beyond my own understanding?

God, who inhabits eternity, here is my heart, as contrite and humble as I can give, forgive me and let me follow you.  I trust you to do all these things for me because You said You would – take my life today and make it Yours. Amen.

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3 thoughts on “God inhabits eternity

  1. Wonderfully Done!!

  2. I always receive a blessing in reading what the Lord lays on your heart to share.

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