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Trusting in God’s justice

Hindsight reveals truths and we know God is just when we bring before Him our case because the end results are always so.

Yet we continue to bring cases before Him that He will not answer, cases that instead of revealing His justice, He finds the opportunity to challenge us instead.

For instance, Why are the wicked people of this world so prosperous?  Why are evil people so happy?  Why do they say, ‘Thank God,’ yet in their hearts they do not give Him any credit.

What is worse of course is our own response – Lord, drag them off to be slaughtered, let their right arm wither, judge them Lord!

The challenge God gives us is rather simple.  If we cannot handle these kinds of life issues, how are we going to handle the real injustices that lie ahead of us in life?

While it is natural for us to cry for justice, remember that in crying for it, the same criteria is laid out for us too.  If we were to be judged with the same level of justice we expect God to lay down for others … well, I know I would be in big trouble.

So I go back to thanking God for His amazing grace, give as much of that amazing grace to others I meet along the way, and end up trusting that the God I know to be just will do what needs to be done when it is ready to be done.  In the mean time, I trust that He continues to look after me, supplying all my needs.

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