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Don’t fool yourselves

This past weekend I attended an Acquire the Fire youth event with 13 members of our Arabic youth.  It was the first time they had ever gone and it was a pleasure to see them enjoy the company of another 4,000 youth and time will tell what they took away from the event spiritually.

At one point, a speaker shared a story about a couple who had won $400 million dollars through one of the US lotteries and the trouble and turmoil their family had gone through as a result of having so much.  It was definitely a sad tale.  What messed me up more was the admission that money had ruined the family – but my issue is – then why are you keeping it – give it all away and be the family you want to be.

But we fool ourselves don’t we – we can have that one drink, that one smoke, tell that one lie, have that one affair, have that one peek at pornography – and we will be okay – God still loves us.  Thankfully He does, but that does not stop the fact that there are consequences to our action, even though we might not seem them immediately.

No matter what friends we call on, no matter how many favours we pull in, no matter how much money we spend to rectify a problem, the consequences will have to be faced and God’s will of bringing us back home to Him will take place.

I think Kind David is my prime example I go to on this.  David fooled himself with Bathsheba.  But he didn’t get fooled too long – God loved him enough to bring things up so that David could came back to acknowledge God as his God.

Maybe if we can look at those little steps we take each day that are steps away from God and remind ourselves that we are the only ones being fooled – let’s stop.



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