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Go deep into the desert

If I was going to flee somewhere in order to save my life, I would go deep into desert.

Living in Canada, I might not have that opportunity – probably would need to settle with the wilderness or the Arctic Circle.

I think this comes from reading the Bible stories of King David when he was running away from Saul.  It also came from reading about the early Christians hiding in Petra, a very desert place in Jordan.

But the desert has a dual meaning.  Jesus spent time in the desert prior to his ministry.  I think they said Paul spend 14 years in Saudi Arabia and John the Baptist had his ministry in the desert.

Most of us would probably refrain from entering a desert.  I have been in one for a few months and only now am learning to embrace this quite time with God and using it to go deeper into my relationship with Him.  I can see why some leave their faith thinking that God has abandoned them in the desert, but I find that He is right there, just not as pleasant a journey but one exercising in discipline and remembering to keep things simple.

Either way, the desert is an image of a safe place.  Probably need to learn a bit more in order to actually survive in one, but I am intrigued.  I pray that we can embrace this time of isolation and discomfort as one where we rely totally on Him and trust Him to keep us safe and take us through.

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2 thoughts on “Go deep into the desert

  1. First off – Billy Joel, always a favorite. He can be so prophetic and he doesn’t even know it.
    Second and more importantly, the desert is a place we meet God.
    I’ve been traveling in a pretty big desert recently, but I find that God has little ways to let me know He’s right there with me. I’m finding that I can actually enjoy the process, (really) even if it is painful, if I look at it not as trouble, but an opportunity to overcome.
    Christ in us, the hope of glory.
    Praying blessings for you each time I see another post.
    Thanks for keeping up your writing even when it’s difficult.

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