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Epilogue of Jeremiah

In the world’s eyes,

  • Jeremiah looked totally unsuccessful.  He had no money, family or friends.
  • He prophesied the destruction of the nation, the capital city and the Temple
  • Political and religious leaders would not accept or follow his advice
  • No group of people liked him or listened to him

In God’s eyes,

  • He successfully completed the work God gave him to do

Success must never be measured by prosperity, fame or fortune, for these are temporal measures.

King Zedekiah for example, lost everything by pursuing selfish goods.

God measures our success with the yardsticks of obedience, faithfulness and righteousness.

If we are faithfully doing the work God gives us, we are successful in His eyes.


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One thought on “Epilogue of Jeremiah

  1. This is something every believer, especially those with prophetic mantles, needs to grasp. Excellent posting!

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