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Lovers and friends

Loudest sobs and flowing tears usually happen when I think I have lost someone I loved or who I thought was a good friend.

I have not been there for sometime, but was thinking about how much I am trusting people right now and thinking about how I might even trust them more than I do God.

Funny how I feel that I am setting myself up for such a night of sobs and tears.

My prayer is that God would be my best lover and my best friend.  I need Him to bring others into that relationship, but my hope and my trust would always and only be in Him.

It takes so much to trust Him and yet He is God.  Can’t imagine why it is so much easier to give my trust to others.

When I think of my numerous rebellious actions, I wonder if I have caused God to cry over me.  Has my stubborn sinfulness separated me from Him in more ways than I could imagine.  Is the grace He gives real enough to forgive and forget such wayward actions and will He love me again as He did the first time we met?

Yes, that is why my sobs and tears take place on His shoulder.  That is why I need to run to Him first, not last.  His calling is not the one I want to reject, His promises are not the ones I want to ignore.

Lord, if you are my lover and friend, no matter what may come my way, I know I can make it.  Forgive me for turning to others when you have always been sitting in the living room of my heart, waiting for me to come and sit, share, laugh, cry and love You.


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2 thoughts on “Lovers and friends

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That’s exactly the way I feel. Good post.

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