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Walking away from God’s presence

I have to wonder how people think when they walk away from God and then blame Him for all their misery.

I am in a pretty irritated mood at the moment, because I see the wealthy, rich, spoiled children of wealthy, rich spoiled parents, unhappy.  Everybody wants to know why their kids are messed up.

They are messed up because they do not need God.  They say one thing with their heads but live their lives with their hearts and God is not there.

They are rude, racist, discriminatory, disrespectful bullies.

They say that this is who they are – this is how they operate.  Once the hour and half of nonsense has taken place, I lead these youth into worship.  You guessed it – they couldn’t – not even for a moment, not even for a faster worship song.  Do you think they knew why they didn’t get it?

Funny how they do not seem to get it – that when they spend zero time with God during the week, what do they have to give when they come together for worship – nothing.

It almost seems like its better for us to spend an hour in prayer so they can get right with God before we start anything with them.

They are my perfect example of what it is like to walk away from God’s presence. There is fooling no one – its obvious – and like Adam and Eve we hide ourselves from His presence when He comes looking.  Lord, help me lead these youth to You.

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6 thoughts on “Walking away from God’s presence

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I never want to leave GOd’s presence. And I never want his presence to leave me. Because of him I move and live and have my being.

  2. Your example through the thick and the thin is what will show them the way.
    Your time with Him will undoubtably produce some fruit for those who will pay attention.
    Keep fighting the good fight! Keep teaching! Keep singing! Keep talking!
    “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” !

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