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The finest gold has lost its luster

I am not sure how it happened or why it happened, but I do not have an interest in pursuing money.  When I get it, I give it away.  I am truly happy when I have enough.

That’s different to having a lot of money and it loses its value or priority.  It’s like treating gold as if it were normal dinnerware or a flowerpot or water jug.

This is just another reminder that we cannot glory in our prosperity for while we do, we might find ourselves falling into spiritual bankruptcy.

A friend of mine has left the stock market quiet a few years ago believing that when it is going to crash, it will be a really bad one.  So he has put all of his investments into gold and looking at the gold prices these days, he is doing quite well.

One day I reminded him of the time Canada went to war and confiscated on the personal gold held by individuals as part of the governments efforts to pay for the war.  He knew of this.  So I asked him how he is planning on keeping his gold as I am sure the government is quite aware of the quantity of his possession.  He shared that he also had a stash of firearms and would love to see the government come and try to take it.

What a said thought of what the future holds.  All this money, so tangible, so unreal and not really ours.  I pray that instead, we take what we have so generously been blessed with and feed the children of our neighbourhoods, take care of the crying babies, share our bread and water with those who go without, a tangible expression to those that are begging on the street.

I think that if we spent more time thinking about our call to stewardship and not why others are suffering so much, we might find ourselves addicted to giving and helping and by that making a difference in our lives and in the world around us.


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2 thoughts on “The finest gold has lost its luster

  1. Addicted to giving and helping.
    I like that.

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