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You shall know I am the Lord

I think that this phrase brings a lot of negativity into the picture.  Usually when God starts saying – you will know that I am God – it means He is going to reveal His power and might through destruction and then bring in healing and restoration – revealing He is in total control and is God indeed.

We then go crazy thinking that God is a narcissistic God who demands worship from His minions and the rants continue from there.

What we all fail to realize is that God shows His incredible power through so many ways that they are immeasurable to count.  It is in our lack of recognition or value that they come from God that really bothers Him.  We give the attributes that belong to Him to someone or something else – especially when we make up a name like Mother Nature.

So yes, after taking this for a season or two, God has enough and will do what is necessary to bring us to a place that has a relationship with Him.

May my eyes be open to the small things around me today Lord that bring glory to You, your creation, your knowledge of the number of hairs on my head, when a sparrow falls, feeding and clothing the birds of the air and the flowers in the field, my DNA, my cell structure, my eye and how it works, my thumb and its incredible importance – thank you for creating and giving me the opportunity of seeing You today in all of your wonder and splendor – You are indeed Lord.


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2 thoughts on “You shall know I am the Lord

  1. mary burrell on said:

    I continually say everyday it is through you i live and move and have my being. Yes i always try to give the credit where it’s due. Lots of people don’t do this, But i’m glad everyday to know God is in control of my life.

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